Insecurity Blanket

I’m not taking the memories with me
they can lay here in the dirt
get lost in the landslide of time
and become antiquities
to one day be unearthed.

And no one will remember me
and that’s fine
that isn’t what I even need.
What I need is to feel
that catch of breath in my chest
when some one puts out their hand
and pulls me to my feet.

I don’t need anyone tomorrow
and not the day after that
I don’t need some one to say
“Remember that time she…”
because all there will be to say is:

“Remember the time she cried herself to sleep
and the world thought it was nothing more
than a sharp cry of moonlight
piercing the day? We all looked away and
we all thought we had her
but she was buried in blankets
and we thought that was good enough
but she was never good enough
and we let her slip away?”

And I will be the nighttime
battling the naive morning
that dawns once a day
because that is what is expected of me
until one dusky sundown
I simply am blown away.



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