Chuck le

It all began with a chuckle
and now your brazen eyes take
their time sorting out
where they want to focus
where they want to waste
their time.

But my whole life I’ve been struggling
against a current of friends
whom I convinced myself were foes.
It’s been a battle with a ball point pen:
my ink being nothing more than
the blood of sarcasm
blushing through countless pages
in this tome listing my regrets.

I could explain myself
from top to toe
show you the index of my soul
but I don’t have the courage
nor the patience
to lift myself and carry through.

But with just that chuckle
that sly grin from
over the top of my journal
from behind my computer screen…
you split this chapter
right down the middle
point at the nonsense
remind me
where the break with reality begins…


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