Blindly isn’t the way forward
but I certainly don’t know
the way back.

So while I’m crushing
all this memory
I guess I’ll remind myself
that I’m better than that.

I won’t find humanity’s
toughest answers.
I’m not picking up on
any higher call.

But my smile is bright
and my laughter sometimes
rolls and crashes
and infects even
the darkest souls.

And I can’t see the future
though the past is
black and blue.
So I feel my way forward
always grasping in the
murk of my decisions
waiting to just brush
into you.

I don’t have to be a hero
and I don’t have to save myself
not like some well-toned
acrobatic superhero.
No, I can just fan the
flame inside my heart.

Remembering your way
back is a lot like moving forward.
Even blindly we know
by using our instincts
which sweet reality
we wish to be our own.



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