Nerd Rage

She spoke the word but didn’t look up for so many worlds sprawled before her. With breath caught in her throat, and all pretense gone, she leapt and was gone before the others noticed.

Now she is always on the cusp of something; since falling behind at the age of 18. And there she is now, running across prairies and feeling mountain snow on her face.

And so what if she started flying? Who cares if she found Hogwarts like others find Jesus? What was it to anyone that she dreamed she met the Emperor of New(^16) York?

Becoming 27 was easy, but becoming a “nerd” was not. So many years holding in these fascinations and obsessions… skipping the TriForce tattoo to get the bluebird instead.

But now at 33, she’s on the cusp, Tushui Pandaren emblem embedded in her bicep and nothing waiting for her at home but 2 dogs and an MSI. And she’s racing at the edge of self-acceptance…. pumping the little known enjoyments through her veins.

And what everyone outside of Azeroth thinks just doesn’t matter all that much.

When you’re on the cusp, you become your own pulse. When you’re on the cusp, you make the mountains in which you become a grateful hermit and you are free to rage about what everyone else

And you scream it in a Twitch chat room, “lol bro r u even on the cusp?”



A messy stream of conscious writing about just being wiling to be what you want.


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