For Time

When I’m not thinking clearly
I see my fortune
in a million different ways.

Because the road backward is
so well defined:
the potholes
the steep shoulders
the curves battling the
whim of the earth
the sideswipes
the wrong turns…

Jesus Christ… I can see
for ages back to the
23 year old me
who just bought her car
with only 11,000 miles.390359_10100326615910968_437714921_n

I should have known
when some one wrecked it
on the south side of town
that my life was about
to light on fire.

I should have gotten in and
driven West, or followed my
fortune and headed North.

Even if it meant walking
and you know even if
it still means just that
I will claw away mountains
to rest my head next to yours.

Because our fortune isn’t in our luck
and it isn’t in our mood
our assumptions or suppositions.

Fortune folds her delicate hands
over the seeping wounds in our hearts
buried deep inside us
pressing back our mundane lives
and whispering

“When the time is right.”



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