She Makes a Face

She makes a face and presses it to the window
watching the apples fall far from the trees.IMG_5568
Does she ever wonder where the Fall goes
when she’s dreaming in the colors of Spring?

Everything is a cautionary tale
that ends with the falling leaves.
But when she’s caught up in the motion
of the breeze, she wonders if that ending caught up to her?

This isn’t the first time she’s watched
the pollen drift by, the cotton dew exploding in air.
But as she’s wiping away another day of misery
She dreams that she, too, will float



I keep drawing faces. Baby steps for sure. The part that is giving me fits right now is still jawlines. I can create solid eyes, and my noses are improving. I’ve even made a great lip or two here recently, but… imagining the jawline, making it start to match the level of … ALMOST trying to be realism is excruciating. I just need to learn how to make the face shapes using more realistic lines I guess?

Sadly, chances are I won’t be getting into a beginner’s art class any time soon. Probably won’t be offered again till the fall. And then I’ll have to learn about perspective and all that stuff that I know I NEED to learn but don’t have the wear withal to force myself to read about and learn on my own. Maybe part of the problem is settling on a style as well .


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