Creations of Fate

As an overachiever, I hear the word minimal and my hackles shoot straight up off my neck, as if I’m some sort of responsibility crazed werewolf galloping after the unknown depths of projects, ideas, thoughts, problems, even meals.

In a disused creative mind, minimal seems like a word for failure at times. I have a minimum amount of drawing talent. I have a minimum amount of resources to put any of my writing and theatre skills to work. I have a minimum desire to put all of my hardest work out there to be judged harshly by those Trolls among us.

So, it seems like the sharpest of the ironic knives cutting ¬†through me that I would have chosen today to finally click on “Daily Prompt”. I saw the word and then decided to take my lunch (a minimal one of a single slice of pizza and regular Coke). And while I pressured myself into accepting the word, it came to me: minimal is all it takes to make the world.

IMG_5571A minimal breeze can blow pollen for miles, or at least get it started. A minimal interaction (“hey, can i borrow your pen?”) can turn into a lifelong marriage with children. Every which way you turn, ¬†it’s possible to see the world even minimally fortify itself against us by those of us who give even just a couple dollars a year to things like the Parks Service or the Arbor Day Foundation. And hey, just two mature trees in your front lawn can ensure your family breathes for a year.

It takes a minimal amount of effort to make some one happy, and it takes a minimal amount of effort to create peace in your world. We all struggle and slog through these swaths of unhappiness at certain times of our lives, but each step forward, in the grand scheme of things is such a minimal action with such a positive effect.

So, in this overabundance of thoughts and passions, I found the best things in life are nothing but the minimal creations of fate.