Symmetry and Laughter Loops

It’s somehow Thursday again and the weather has been grey as a stressed out nanny’s hair for a couple days in a row. It’s been cold, too. I don’t mind that so much. Cold weather means we still have seasons to enjoy for the time being.


Working on getting the fabric/hair to create movement? Maybe? *SHRUG!*


I’m still working on some fabric and clothing drawings. I am really not good at it. Everything usually ends up looking like my characters would be wearing boxes. Ironically, in my mind, a lot of the subjects I see exist in WoW. So, maybe if I never get better, I can pass it off as “an homage to Warcraft’s earliest days where everything was boxy and pixelated.”

I know I should be learning to draw basic shapes, and understand how perspective works. I’ve tried those things before in a scenic design class in college. I ended up a bit scarred when my professor outright laughed at me. But, he was kind of a jerk to everyone, so it was that it was simply my time to bear the brunt of it. The odd thing was, while I couldn’t actually get myself to stop thinking and just start seeing when it came to drawing, I ended up being one of the better model set builders in the class. Not as good as my classmates who went on to be things like Disney Imagineers, mind you. But, still good enough that i saw him double check that my first model set ACTUALLY was mine. It was a set for a kids’ show about animals. I chose a jungle theme where the couch was  an elephant trunk, and the green screen behind the set would be done in rainforest scenery. The host’s desk was atop a manufactured sleeping lion. I’m sure my mom long ago trashed these stock paper masterpieces that I was so proud of that I took them home with me for winter break. But, I still wish I this hadn’t been pre-iphone so I would have the proof to remind myself I can do great things as long as I strive to really achieve them, even if people giggle at me along the way.

Speaking of giggling, or outright laughing… a friend and I got caught in a laughter cycle last night over the dumbest joke I’ve ever made. It was awful. Laughter can hurt so much more than crying, or any other number of reactions the human body has to any emotion. Tears streamed down my face, and not just my stomach muscles, but my back muscles burned with the force of my laughter. I was gasping for breath, and I didn’t even have the ability to engage my vocal chords and laugh with sound. If anyone had found me in that state, they might have thought I was choking to death on something as I clutched at my hair and face and sides trying to remind myself of all the parts that physiologically needed me to STOP IT AND BREATHE.

Maybe next I’ll try to draw my main from her armory photo. Would be good cloth fabric practice seeing as she is a clothie. Drawing her might actually pull a story out of me that maybe I will share here. Crazier things have happened, indeed.


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