A Round of Applause

Drawing Hands is the worst.

Maybe other than lips. I haven’t even attempted lips yet, and I know I’m going to hate that as well. But, in the meantime, I will continue to hate hands forever. Ironically, one of my better hands (that isn’t included in my photo), I took the quick advice of drawing a circle and giving it a party hat before giving it four right arms. I mean, it honestly looked amazing. So, there’s that. I mean, that actually confirms the fact I might overthink things a bit.IMG_5542

Looking at my drawings in the included photo, I’m pretty proud of that particular cluster. If one stumbled upon them, the viewer might believe I almost have some kind of skill. However, you should know that cropped out of that image are about a dozen malformed, poorly shaded zombie-looking hands. On the other hand (AH! HAHA!), if anyone needs any static-looking, undead extremities, I’m your girl!

Not sure what I will draw today. I know I have to. The only bit of drawing I really got to yesterday was one large eye done in green permanent marker on scrap paper at home while I was waiting for battleground queues in WoW. Which, by the way, I did pretty well in despite the fact I haven’t pvp’d in a few years.

PvP has to be the most toxic experience in WoW at the moment. Of course, I’m also not on a hardcore raiding team. And, I also haven’t really done LFR this expac since I’m at least on a casual raiding team. So, in my current MMO bubble, PvP is full of the most toxic handjobs in game. Of course, they all know that most of us are invading their space this week for the end result of a cache of goodies from a weekly quest, which angers them the most. It was a ton of fun being basically a fresh 110 warrior and outliving  a lot of higher geared players, or at least making them nervous before they ultimately got the upper hand. Won a few good pieces of higher end gear too, so now I can take on Emerald Nightmare normal in my little plate wearer and hopefully not be annihilated.

I love playing a caster/clothie in PVE but it seems warriors have an easier time of it in PVP so I will be focusing in on it in the next couple of weeks, trying to get myself gear properly so my buddy and I can hopefully even try our hand at some arena matches.

But in the meantime… what to draw?


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