I am by no means an artist.

At least not of the drawing variety. I never have been. Far as I could always tell, drawing perspective was basically a dark art steeped in years of practiced ritual. And maybe a sacrifice to some sort of dark drawing demon god. I dunno. But either way, this month I’ve begun trying to pierce that heavy veil of talent and at least attempt something close to learning how to draw shapes. Shapes that might someday even resemble real live people.

Mostly I’ve been inspired by those who can make such clean-lined cartoon drawings of the franchises I adore most. Between Twitter and Deviant Art, I can waste hours looking at others’ work and hungering for an ability of my own. Granted, I will never touch most artists. But, I would so love to be able to do even a drop of what they can.

So I started by trying to draw some eyes. Those went pretty well over the course of a day. So the next day I worked on jawlines and faces and perspectives on subjects. I drew this particular face and it reminded me a little of myself. Hopeful. Not possessed of that particular symmetry that is supposed to be the pinnacle of desirability. But she’s cute. She does have a cute nose ring that I’ve always sort of wanted but never got (though I’ve settled for stretched earlobes and 5 tattoos [and probably a lot more in the future]). And, like most little girls who tend to mature into nerdy women, I’ve always wanted to be an elf, and what I drew seems to be one. The longer ears were a good excuse to work on how hair fits around them.

A friend of mine told me to date my drawings so that I can come back to them in a year and see my improvement. I hope he’s right. Learning to improve on something you don’t really know how to do is just the kind of tall order I’ve chased my whole life.




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