Hi Internet, I’m Here. Or Not!

I have tried maybe a million times to make a blog stick and work to my liking. To make it a part of me, just a part of me that exists amongst all the other trappings of the internet. Buried way past all the content that everyone else on the face of the planet wants to see.

I want to just be out here and NOT care if anyone sees this. And just be. At 33, it’s no longer important to be seen. But it’s important to be.

So, hi me. We’re gonna be here awhile, hopefully. And we’re going to do things we like and we’re going to do things we said we’d never do or couldn’t do. That means writing short stories about the things we like (sure, yes, we can write about your WoW main if that pleases you so damn much). And hell YES you’re going to continue to work on drawing. Even though you’re terrible at it, you’re gonna draw all the a-symmetrical eyes, and all the gnarly looking hands and all the boxy clothing you damn well please. And if you’re some one from the internet who wants to have an opinion on these things when I post them, then that’s cool. If you’re some one from the internet who wants to be mean to be, that’s not so cool, but it also won’t break my heart at this point in my life.

I’ve been a creative soul since I was a kid, and now as an adult kid I’ve still got all the wonder and imagination I had when I was pretending I was riding full speed ahead on a unicorn in the woods behind my house. I’m gonna let my geek flag fly free and do the things I like. 😀 Won’t that be neat.

Here we go, me! Here are some eyes I drew on the front page of my planner during a meeting. Beacause who doesn’t doodle when they are trying not to sleep? The eyes are almost similar on this one. Which is nice. IMG_5535-1.JPG


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